Corporate Account Set Up, Refreshment Selection

  • Your corporate profile with customized delivery and payment options we will set up within minutes.
  • You can select your refreshment based on an occasion (breakfast, lunch, coffee break, etc.) or a product category (sandwiches, salads, drinks, etc.).
  • Each product has a photograph, detailed description and delivery conditions.
  • We accept orders upto 17.00 during workdays with next workday delivery.

Order Processing and Delivery

  • We check each order and process it. Only after our confirmation it is valid and binding.
  • Orders are delivered in beforehand selected delivery intervals.
  • We aim to deliver our orders on time. We appreciate your timely pickup of our orders so that we can be more effective while delivering our orders.


  • We deliver our orders according to your order (delivery room, reception, conference room, kitchenette...)
  • Upon your wish we are able to provide you with waiting staff so you can enjoy your event without any stress.

Be a Hero

  • Our goal is that you become a great host and receive a praise from your guests.


Michelská 1552/58, 141 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
IČ: 261 53 882 / DIČ: CZ26153882

File number: C75045, Prague City Court

Contact Us

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